Monday, November 23, 2009

Update: The AATA Gets an F+

I'd heard from a few friends that one of the pale faces alongside the Blake Transit Center had been replaced by an actual non-white person

So, congratulations to the Ann Arbor Transit Authority for their belated nod to diversity! What's more, they even immortalized a self-proclaimed bus rider - and a student no less. A doctoral candidate in opera? Wow, a musical theater person wants to have their face blown up to the size of a small building? Crazy.

You know what's extra funny? This photo mural replaced that of Newcombe Clark, whom I had nicknamed the "wannabe Robin Colcord of Ann Arbor" in my previous posting. That's a reference to the television show "Cheers". And then this young lady comes along, claiming that on her bus, "everyone knows my name," which is also a "Cheers" reference. After 16 years of being off the air, that dumb show is still this pertinent. I guess American culture gets an F, too.

Anyway, this marketing campaign is still a stunning failure, because I don't want to see anyone's giant head in the space that used to tell me when the bus left the station. Please, AATA, spare me your local celebrities and just give me my goddamned system map back.

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