Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rest of the Year Resolutions

Don't freak out.

Bake prodigious quantities of shortbread and share.

Accept gifts graciously and be surprised; expect none.

Exercise frequently.

Replace the traditional tree with festive garland, hung far outside baby's reach.

Appreciate the temporary increase in available work hours. Be prepared for a crowded commute, stressed out customers and a nonstop holiday themed Muzak soundtrack. Remember, it's just cheese. Remember to taste the cheese.

Feast without guilt but also without obligation.

Relish your fondest memories of snowy days while basking in sixty degree sunlight.

Dine with friends.

Watch as many of the following movies as you can:
Bad Santa
Christmas in Connecticut
Die Hard
Emmet Otter's Jug-band Christmas
Holiday Affair
It Happened on Fifth Avenue
It's a Wonderful Life
Meet Me in St. Louis
Santa Claus (MST3K version)
The Shop Around the Corner
A Very Brady Christmas

Don't spend all of Christmas Day cooking a meal too big for just three people. Go out for Chinese, instead.

Drive south on December 31st. Greet 2013 in a completely different place.


  1. I am so down, so glad to be by your side this and every month.