Saturday, July 18, 2009

10 Things You May Not Know about Me

I've never seen "Ghostbusters"

I have one shred of empathy for George W Bush. Here's why - one summer night 20 years ago, when I was 12 years old, my parents and six siblings left me home alone while they dealt with a very awful family crisis (I'm being deliberately vague). Eager for a distraction, I found myself watching "Designing Women" and nervously grazing on whatever I could find in the kitchen. As I was chomping on some honey roasted peanuts, I laughed at one of Dixie Carter's hilarious quips, and then I choked on a peanut. I tried to give myself the Heimlich maneuver. It didn't work, but somehow, I dislodged the peanut and regained the ability to breathe. I think that was the loneliest moment of my life. When the W peanut story broke, I pretended to laugh with everyone else, but I actually cringe whenever I think about it.

I have no piercings or tattoos.

I bake my own crackers.

Last year, PBS aired a 10 week Masterpiece series that included adaptations of every Jane Austen novel. I wrote a 10 week blog series called Jane Addiction, in which I reviewed the series, as well as every Austen-based film I could find on DVD. You can read my reviews at, or on my myspace page (if anyone actually uses that anymore).

I dated my first boyfriend for nearly five years. We've remained very good friends. After he and I broke up, I figured that I would stay friends with all of my future ex-boyfriends, but it doesn't really work that way.

Without contact lenses or glasses, I'm like Mr Magoo. I can't function.

I'm a big fan of violent fantasies as an alternative to actual violence (or even just frustration). I discovered this several years ago, when I dreamt of beating my bitchy boss's head against a cement floor. She didn't bug me so much after that dream.

I can't stand saying something mean to a person, even if I hate them.

I met several celebrities when I worked at a theater. Henry Rollins was the most down-to-earth. Crispin Glover was a dick. Bonnie Raitt was really beautiful and polite. Eric Idle was the tallest. But my favorite experience was meeting Gene Kelly's daughter at a presentation of "Singin' in the Rain" which is one of my all-time favorite movies. She was super nice, but the really amazing thing was that she had her father's eyes. When she spoke to me, I was entranced.


  1. I also didn't knpow (or I forgot?) that you had a blog!

    um, yeah. And just watch ghostbusters. Geez. :P

  2. I know, I'm begging for criticism with the Ghostbusters thing. You have no idea how many people say to me "YOU'VE NEVER SEEN GHOSTBUSTERS?!?!?"

    But there's just so much shit to watch.

    Here's my favorite, once said to me by you