Saturday, April 11, 2009

...and the answer is "yes"

I work in the catering department of a Jewish deli. Every spring, we take phone orders for deli Passover foods. As you can imagine, this is a very busy time and yet the system we use to take and track orders is, well, archaic - lots of paper forms and an excel spreadsheet. I actually love it.

But, with such a low-tech system, there is a high potential for miscommunication. So the management is really anal about training us to fill in all those little boxes correctly. And being the good recovering Catholic that I am, I tend to follow strict directions very well - at least most of the time.

After a slow start to the ordering season (which usually starts a couple weeks in advance of Erev Passover), I was very proud of myself for taking several phone orders last Saturday. Then I came in on Monday and saw copies of a handmade sign hanging all over the office. The left half of the sign was a copy of a Passover order form with little yellow highlighter smiley faces and the word "good!" written on it. The right half of the sign was a copy of a form with big x's covering half of its surface, yellow highlighter unhappy faces and the word "bad!". And that was a copy of one of my forms. Just like every other one I had filled, all of the order info was in the wrong column.

So, in response to the question posed in the April 1st blog posting "BUSSUHHTWAAAIN!!!" - "Have I ever been someone's example of a dumbass?", the answer is "yes"!

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